Kepner Scott shoes, hand-made since 1888

Jun 06 , 2015

The Smoothie in black, white and navy.


When your child begins to take his first steps, finding the right shoe is the first thing on your brain. There are so many shoes on the market today that it can be difficult to feel confident choosing the perfect pair for your loved one. And the questions you may have as a new parent, or even second timers, can be endless.

No fear, Haase’s is here! Along with the mainstream brands we carry, like StrideRite, Umi, Keds and Clarks, we offer a more traditional look from the Kepner Scott Shoe Brand.

Kepner Scott Shoe Company has been hand crafting baby shoes since 1888. The Orwigsburg, PA company is the longest surviving children’s shoe company in America. Plus, they’re hand made in America!

Pictured above, the “smoothie” is our best selling Kepner Scott shoe. This high-top walking shoe is great for beginning walkers. The top of the ankle is supported once the shoe is tied, so the child’s posture becomes strict. Then, the hard, leather bottom forces them to place their entire foot on the ground each time they take a step. Their toes grip the leather innersole and they’re off!

We do not guarantee these shoes will make your baby start walking, but we can say it will help the child feel more confident walking.

Nick-named by many local New Orleanians as “magic shoes,” these hard bottomed, high-top shoes are sure to get your baby up and moving.┬áSince 1921, Haase’s has provided quality shoes to people all over the Greater New Orleans area. The “smoothie” and all other Kepner Scott shoes offer a classic and traditional look in today’s modern take on children’s fashion. Day after day, we have customers in our shop telling us stories about shopping for their baby and their baby’s baby at Haase’s. This shoe has been loved by the people of New Orleans for decades and the love continues to grow. We even ship these shoes to customers all over the country.

We carry the smoothie in┬áregular (D) and wide (EE, EEE) widths from sizes 2-6. The rest of the Kepner Scott shoes range from size 2-12, and some of the boy’s dress shoes go up to a size 3 (youth/adolescents).

Take a stroll down Oak Street today and stop by Haase’s! We’d love to see ya!




Two other popular styles from Kepner Scott are the Skipper (middle) and the Chris (outter two). The double buckle tea sandal for girls can be worn white in Spring and transitions into Fall with red and navy. The Chris saddle shoes are dress shoes for toddler boys.