A small piece of Haase’s History

Dec 20 , 2016

Have you ever noticed the NFL flags lining the wall just below the ceiling inside Haase’s?

If you have, you probably aren’t the first person to notice the curious and conspicuous felt football flags!

In the year 1970, the same year John Brodie of the San Fransisco 49er’s attained the MVP award of the NFL, Brown Shoe Co. gave this priceless line of flags to the store. As one of the standard and original shoe brands of Haase’s from its origins in 1921, Brown Shoe Co. (now called Caleres) gave this unique gift that will remain on our walls for decades to come.

As one of the original mascots of the Brown Shoe Co., the store also has its own Buster Brown balloon-maker. Famous for his bowl-cut hair and his comic strip character, he never tires of making green Haase’s balloons for every customer!

The story of the 32 original NFL football teams’ flags lining our walls and its connection with the Brown Shoe Co. is only one of the many interesting pieces that make up our rich history at Haase’s!

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